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Director Interview: Matt Johnson on Blackberry. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.

Nuclear Feelings: Irene Lusztig on Richland. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.

Director Interview: Natalie Cubides-Brady on The Veiled City, Berlinale Coverage. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.

Director Interview: Sam Green on 32 Sounds. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.

Sanaz Sohrabi on Scenes of Extraction, Sundance Coverage. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.

King Coal Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Sundance Coverage. Sloan Science & Film. 2023.


Dorothy Fortenberry on Climate Storytelling. Sloan Science & Film. 2022.

Iuli Gerbase on The Pink Cloud. Sloan Science & Film. 2022.


Director Interview: The Velvet Queen. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

Climate Refugees: Newtok, Director Interview. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

Liz Garbus on Becoming Cousteau. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

Gaspar Noé on Vortex. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

Hayley Garrigus on You Can’t Kill Meme. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

Science in Sci Fi: Writer Ian Shorr. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.

New Film About Lewis H. Latimer. Sloan Science & Film. 2021.


Tim Heidecker Talks Moonbase 8. Sloan Science & Film. 2020.

Sally Ride and TFNGs. Sloan Science & Film. 2020.

Director Interview: My Octopus Teacher. Sloan Science & Film. 2020.

Carpe Diem? Amy Seimetz on She Dies Tomorrow. Sloan Science & Film. 2020.

An Experiment in Social Isolation: Red Heaven. Sloan Science & Film, 2020.

Algae and Fungi Meet Film. Sloan Science & Film, 2020.

Experimental Film Inspirations for Ad Astra. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.


Whistling as Code in The Whistlers. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.

The Consequences Of One Child Nation. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.

“The Sex Raft” of 1973. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.

Director Liza Mandelup On Jawline. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.

Puppet Play Chimpanzee, Based on True Events. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.


Play About “Father of Modern Gynecology.” Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Behind-the-Scenes of AMC’s The Terror. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Penny Lane On The Pain Of Others. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

The Burden: Niki Lindroth von Bahr. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Ghostbox Cowboy: Filmmaker John Maringouin. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Ric Burns Discusses Oliver Sacks: His Own Life. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Biodiversity in The Ancient Woods of Lithuania. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

False Truths: The Atomic Cafe Seen Today. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.


Eugènia Balcells’s Frequencies. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.

Minute Bodies: Interview with Stuart Staples. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.

THX 1138: Interview with Dr. David Anderson. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.


Interview with Dr. Paul Durham on Gattaca. Sloan Science & Film, 2016.


Flashback to Frasier, The Sensuous Lion. Sloan Science & Film. 2020.

The Way They Move. Los Angeles Review of Books, 2019.

Origins Of The Laser Light Show At MoMI. Sloan Science & Film, 2019.

The Eugenics Crusade In America. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

PIXELVISION. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Carl Akeley and Nature’s Truth. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Nautical Film. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Creatures of Light: LASERIUM. Sloan Science & Film, 2018.

Notes on Science And Film. The Brooklyn Rail, Jan. 2018.

Thinking Machines. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.

Loïe Fuller’s Butterflys. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.

Guncotton: Shooting Film. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.

The Dancer: Loïe Fuller’s Inventions. Sloan Science & Film, 2017.


Contributed to research and writing for Phaidon book Ocean: Exploring the Marine World (2022).

Begun in 2016, the series “Peer Review” commissions scientists to write about scientific themes in contemporary film and television. Browse all pieces here.